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Measuring Tips:

  1. Use a steel tape measure for more accuracy.
  2. Round each measurement to the nearest ½”.
  3. Record width (Left to Right) first and then height (Top to Bottom) example, 24W x 63H.
  4. Window Mounting: Deduct ½” from the overall width and height to allow the Window Insulation Curtain to fit snuggly to the windowpane.
  5. Contact customer service at 1 (520) 414-8094 or email at customerservice@goodtimesproducts.com.

How to Measure for Window Mount:

  • Width:
    • Measure inside the window frame
    • Measure across the three parts (top, middle, bottom)
    • Select the smallest width
    • Purchase the select smallest width
  • Height:
    • Measure inside the window frame
    • Measure top to bottom in three parts(left, middle, right)
    • Select the shortest length
    • Purchase the length larger than the shortest length